Pokecard512 REV 2

Lupin's pokecard 512 Rev 2 comes without a case. But it is designed in such a way that it wil fit into an original cart case after a little crafting.



Reprograming the CPLD using JTAG

The Pokecard 512 Rev 2 has bios compatible multi rom support since 2011-04-17. Earlier Rev 2 that don't have this support yet can be upgraded by reprogramming the CPLD.
The CPLD can be reprogramed using the USB progger that comes with the cart (when you ordered so of course). In order to reprogram the CPLD the flashers JTAG signals need to be soldered to the JTAG points on the cart.
To reprogram the CPLD use Lupin's TestSuite and program the prog.svf found in the above menu zip file.

Connect GND and Vcc at the conector.

Connect TCK, TMS and TDI by soldering wires to these solder pads.

Connect TDO by soldering a wire to 5th pin from the top. It's a bit tricky.
fold cabels from the bottom to top and twist the wires together for more strength.

The USB Proggers connector pinout