Tamagotchi P's English patch
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YES! It's true! you can now change your Tamagotchi P's fully into English! Some of you may already know that I've been working on this project to change the Tamagotchi P's into English and have been waiting a long long time for the 4th and final patch, but for those who just recieved their Tamagotchi P's or are looking to get one.

The Tamagotchi P's was released only in Japan and is completely in Japanese. You can figure out most of the gameplay and have lots of fun with it. But part of the fun is lost because of the many dialogs you won't understand unless you can read Japanese.

On my quest to figure out how the Tamagotchi P's works, I discovered that the program code (brains) inside the Tamagotchi P's is stored in a flash memory chip that can be changed. From that moment on, I started working on making the Tamagotchi P's in English.

The Tamagotchi P's supports downloadable items and some of these items can contain a program for a travel destination or a mini game. I wrote some special travel destinations that apply patches (changes) to the Tamagotchi P's program code (firmware) to change all the Japanese text and graphics into English and even parts of the code to allow for English input. A total of four downloadable patches were needed because of the many changes and the limited download size.

I'm very happy to complete this project after almost two years and wish to thank everyone who have helped in completing this project. On to the next ...



2016/03/19 Released version 1.51.
This version fixes a minor glitch in the 4th patch (When you obtained the music cafe coupon, an empty text balloon was displayed)

To update your already patched Tamagotchi P's:

  1. Play a downloaded game or a game from a deco pierce (or VDP) to clear the Tamagotchi P's memory cache.
  2. Download and extract the the new English patch release 1.51 zip file from below.
  3. Download and install the EP004 patch on your Tamagotchi P's.

    Information on how to patch your Tamagotchi P's is included in the download. But you can also view an online version here

    Please read the how-to carefully before you start with patching, it will make things a lot easier and may save you a lot of trouble. You can also watch the video below:


    Click on the cute banner above or on the link below to download all the patches and some offline instructions in a single zip file.



    The patch below is an optional patch for when you have patched your Tamagotchi P's into English.

    • It will patch the standard food items into English without requiring a full reset.
    • Add or remove the cross on the marrying church


  4. How do I change my P's into English?
  5. please read the online How-to instructions.
  6. Which files do I download to my P's?
  7. That depends on which version Tamagotchi P's you've got. Please go to the How-to section to find out which files you need.
  8. How do I find out which firmware version my Tamagotchi P's is?
  9. Please go to the How-to section to find out how you can determine your Tamagotchi P's version.
  10. I've already installed the first three patches before. Do I need to install all four new ones?
  11. No, when you've already patched the first 3 patches before. You only need to install the 4th patch.
  12. Do I have to do a full reset after I've installed all 4 patches?
  13. No, you don't have to. but your name, built in food and snack, your collected tamatomos, diary entries and friend letters will remain Japanese.
  14. Some items are still Japanese? is something wrong?
  15. No, some items remain Japanese untill you do a full reset.
  16. When I connect a Deco Pierce, why is the text is still Japanese?
  17. That's because the Deco pierce's content is stored inside the Deco Pierce itself.
  18. Why is an item that I downloaded still Japanese?
  19. The texts and graphics are stored in the download itself.
  20. I've got a Tamagotchi P's that's not completely patched. What do I do?
  21. You have to find out which patches are installed and then install the remaining patches.
  22. How can I check which patches are installed?
  23. Try the following:
    • Go to the park. When the speech bubbles are English then EP004 is installed.
    • Go to tamadepa or tamamori. when the built in items are english then EP003 is installed.
    • Go to the hearth icon and select download. If the connect messages are English then EP002 is installed.
    • When the menu items are English EP001 is installed.
  24. Will the translations be lost if I reset my P's or pull the batteries?
  25. No, The changes made by the patches remain in your Tamagotchi P's.
  26. Can I restore my Tamagotchi P's back to Japanese?
  27. Yes you can! You should download and install the included restore patches in reverse order. Meaning first install RP004 then RP003, RP002 and finally RP001 and your Tamagotchi P's is back to Japanese again.

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